Redefining ROI

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, RecordQuest was established in 2006 as the product and vision of a group of health information management and technology professionals that set out to simplify the tedious Release of Information (ROI) process for the healthcare industry. Medical facilities typically outsource this function to copy companies or try to manage with in-house staff. If outsourcing, the copy companies usually keep the majority, if not all, revenue generated even though medical facility staff are still quite involved with the process. Trying to manage with in-house staff is typically a losing effort as the expenses incurred outweigh the revenue that can be generated, which is why most groups outsource in the first place.

RecordQuest has a better way

RecordQuest's two service options, Remote and Share, allow healthcare facilities to manage the ROI function better. RecordQuest makes the release of information process more efficient, helps reduce expenses, increases staff productivity, enhances compliance, and generates more revenue!

Our Vision

At RecordQuest, our vision is to provide unmatched health information technology and customer service that will set the standard for the HIM industry while operating with the highest level of integrity and dedication to exceed the expectations of our partners.