We evaluated several companies and RecordQuest's technology was most impressive. Their program allowed us to have more control over the ROI process and also provided 100% QA of all records prior to delivery where others had a random check. Their 24 hour response time with requesters means less phone calls and better customer service to patients and their representatives.

Nichole Pascale
HIPAA Privacy and HIM Manager
Boice-Willis Clinic, PA

"Palmetto Primary Care Physicians began working with RecordQuest in 2009. Since then, RecordQuest has helped our medical record department streamline output and generate revenue in a virtual/paperless environment. These workflow changes have enabled us to become faster, more efficient, and keep up with the growing number of requests from payers, patients, and law firms.

RecordQuest has exceeded our expectations as they handle all invoices, payments, cancellations, and rejected requests. Additionally, their team carefully compares each request to the outgoing packet to ensure accuracy and maintain guidelines. Furthermore, RecordQuest provides free training to our staff on HIPAA laws and regulations.

Their service is easy to use, accurate, and they are accessible via phone, email, and sometimes in person should we ever encounter a problem. RecordQuest is flexible and they listen to our concerns and cater to our needs.

Not only have we streamlined our processes, but we've also generated significant revenue from implementing their service. We are pleased to have RecordQuest as our technology partner and we recommend them for any company that needs to release protected health information!"

Ron Piccione
Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

"Trident Pain Center started using RecordQuest in 2012 to handle all our medical record requests. Since then, we have been relived of all the burdens associated with any costs and time for processing medical records. Using them has also allowed us to place a full-time employee, whose primary role was to process records daily, to another critical role within the practice.

RecordQuest is always willing to offer any assistance or to answer any questions we have regarding records and HIPAA compliance. RecordQuest has been a great addition to our practice and would be a great asset to any practice. I highly recommend them."

Wendy Price
HR/Billing Manager
Trident Pain Center

"Lowcountry Medical Associates - East Cooper Family Practice, started using RecordQuest's software in February 2008. Since then, we have noticed a substantial increase in overall efficiency and a significant decrease in the amount of time and effort it takes to complete the tedious process of fulfilling requests for medical records. Using RQ's application to release our protected health information has reduced the time spent processing requests in half, allowing a significant improvement in overall office productivity while making the whole process much more efficient."

Lucille Weyhman
Practice Administrator
Lowcountry Medical Associates - East Cooper Family Practice

"Since partnering with RecordQuest, we operate much more efficiently managing medical record releases. It takes our staff significantly less time to process requests, the integration with our EMR is seamless and HIPAA compliance concerns are alleviated. We used to outsource this function to a copy company and were never completely comfortable that they were operating in a compliant manner. They were also keeping all of the revenue collected from this function even though our staff was heavily involved with the process. RecordQuest's trained staff provides a Quality Assurance check on all pages prior to delivery to ensure accuracy & compliance and they provide an on-line Electronic Accounting of Disclosure log that has detailed reporting information on all releases. We are also able to generate positive revenue from this function now which we greatly appreciate! We are proud to endorse the RecordQuest program and highly recommend to all!"

Laura Sanborn , FACMPE
Executive Director
Alliance Urology Specialists

"I have had the pleasure of working with RecordQuest since early 2007. For such a young company, the knowledge and personality that these hard working individuals had, definitely sold their product.

From the onset, Jack Sprott was there. He was supportive and encouraging. Just a phone call away, he would often "pop in" to see how he could either improve the process, or answer any questions anyone might have. He went the "extra mile" to support his product. It was never just a sale. It was a committed relationship.

Since we are a department of roughly 18 Orthopaedic surgeons, there is a high incidence of trauma, resulting in various claims for requested information, continuum of care & long addressed injuries. The benefits of receiving a portion of revenue from RecordQuest is a bonus to any department.

The RecordQuest system has been created to be extremely streamlined, thus being a very "user friendly" product. I have witnessed other ROI services that don't even compare to RecordQuest. I highly recommend RecordQuest to anyone comparing products. They will be there with a quality product and continual support for your organization."

Rebecca Buffum
MUSC Orthopaedic Surgery

"RecordQuest has been able to turn around my requests faster than any physician's office or copy service I have ever dealt with, primarily because of their advanced technology and easy to use Release Center that allows for electronic delivery of patient health information that we request. RecordQuest is far ahead of the technological curve compared to all other ROI vendors we have to deal with. It's time this procedure caught up and I can sincerely say RecordQuest has proven that they can support my firms needs time & time again by providing a quality end product and innovation needed for the future."

William M. Parker, CLTC
Financial Services Professional
New York Life Insurance Company