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Release of Information

Every healthcare facility must deal with requests for patients' protected health information (PHI). Release of Information (ROI) is the process of responding to those requests by validating patient authorizations, determining the proper records to release and ultimately delivering them to the requesting party. The process is highly complex due to issues such as reproducing records stored in multiple systems and formats, invoicing the correct state-regulated fees and maintaining a detailed audit trail. In addition, it is highly regulated by legislation such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (HITECH).

RecordQuest can help you meet Meaningful Use with commitment to fast turnaround times and electronic delivery to provide patients online access to their records under the seventy-two-hour standard. Additionally, we promote security and privacy through the use of encrypted data transfers and an auditable trail of disclosures.

Whether managed in-house or outsourced to a third party, the ROI process can be difficult and costly for most healthcare facilities. RecordQuest has a better way! We use our advanced technology, built from the ground up, to bring unprecedented levels of automation and economies of scale to address the inefficiencies of the ROI process. This allows us to do what no other ROI vendor can: We review each and every page of non-continuity-of-care requests for compliance and adherence to the request document and authorization. This level of quality assurance is possible due to, not just our well-designed software, but our dedication to protecting our partners' interests and their patients' privacy.

Our services seamlessly integrate seamlessly integrates with all Electronic Health Record systems. We have also designed a streamlined scanning solution to deal with any paper records. No matter your environment, we have the solution to make responding to ROI requests fast and easy.

RecordQuest's services feature:

  • Innovative software which drastically reduces the data entry required to fulfill requests
  • A compliance review of every request to catch mistakes and prevent breaches
  • Easy access to our HIPAA-compliant accounting of disclosures log
  • Reduced turnaround time which results in vastly reduced number of requester phone calls
  • Additional employee resources from reduced ROI-related workload
  • Savings from minimizing office supplies consumed like toner, paper, envelopes and postage
  • An improved collection process to maximize invoice payment
  • Potential revenue source for your practice

RecordQuest Service Options

RecordQuest's Share Service allows your facility to maintain control of the front-end request process while RecordQuest provides the back-end request process including compliance review, invoicing, delivery, and collection. Learn about our Share Service

RecordQuest's Remote Service is a full-service offering where our employees access your EMR system remotely and process the requests for you. Learn about our Remote Service