Each healthcare facility has its own set of challenges when working through the ROI process. Here are answers to some common release of information questions to help out.

What is the cost of RecordQuest’s services?

The fees for our Share or Remote service are usually billed to the requesting organizations and facilities. However, there are instances where non-billable requests and other fees could be billed directly to the healthcare facility.

Is my current ROI process HIPPA Compliant?

Many facilities are not aware of the large fines (often exceeding $10,000) due to non-compliant ROI processes and breaches of private patient information. Our service is built upon a highly-transparent and thorough compliance process that sets us apart from others in the marketplace.

Is RecordQuest compatible with my EMR system?

RecordQuest’s ROI platform is engineered to function with today’s EMR systems seamlessly. Our dedicated, in-house, IT support staff is available throughout the onboarding and training process.

Are patient protected health information records (PHI) reviewed by only one person prior to being released?

With our Remote Service, each record released follows a rigorous quality and assurance process where a minimum of two ROI specialists for review. For a facility utilizing our Share Service, only one ROI Specialist will be reviewing the request.

Can I see the progress of a record request during the ROI process?

With our platform, you can follow a request through every step of the ROI process and even see who is interacting with the request.

How are duplicate records handled?

Our software platform easily identifies duplicate requests and their location.

What if there is an error in the patient record or request?

Any errors or inconsistencies within a patient record are flagged and placed into review status where a compliance manager evaluates the issue. Incorrect pages in a submission are removed and quarantined.

Is there training for facilities using RecordQuest?

Yes. Our customer support and IT staff guide facilities and their staff through the easy process of implementing our services.

Is there a historical archive of records released for individual facilities?

Files are archived for a period of two years. However, we keep database records indefinitely, and they may be searched at any time.

How long does the onboarding process take for a RecordQuest service?

The onboarding process is an efficient and timely process. Depending on your EHR system, record submission and review process can commence within 5-7 business days.

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